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Nutrient Dense Meal Prep

Quick and easy recipes to heal your gut, balance your hormones and help you adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle.

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Why did I write this book? Well, because I struggled with all of the things that so many of you struggle with. Chronic stomach aches and bloating, painful acne, irregular cycles, anxiety, poor sleep…

I spent years going from specialist to specialist, spending so much money on special supplements and so much time trying restrictive diets.

Finally, I turned to real, whole foods and learned how to prepare them properly. I healed my body from the inside out by sourcing quality ingredients and using traditional cooking techniques like soaking, sprouting and fermenting.

This book is going to help you master nutrient dense cooking and guide you in the important skill that is meal prep, so that you can finally adopt a healthier diet and transform your health. 

Sugar Free

100% Gluten Free

Traditional Techniques

So much more than just a cookbook

In this book I provide you with my top tips and processes for sourcing quality meat at an affordable price, my favorite meal prep tools, and 5 detailed weekly meal prep plans that will help you start incorporating these meals into your life.

Plus, these recipes are super easy with simple ingredient lists, so it can be your every day cook book!

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