Tired of Navigating Confusing 

Nutrition Info?


What if you could:

  • Quit restrictive dieting and mend your relationship with food?
  • Exercise less and eat more and see better results? 
  • Have an abundance of energy, glowing skin, and stable moods?
  • Make food that will nourish your family without breaking the bank?
  • Be confident that your diet nourishes you AND supports the environment?
  • Prepare your favorite foods - like bread and ice cream - in a way that makes you feel amazing instead of sick?

This course in nutrient-dense nutrition will help you do just that. With over 30 interactive lessons, you'll learn how to source and prepare nutrient-dense food to support your health and the planet. 

Because everyone deserves access to nutrient-dense food. And the foundation of our health lies in our diet and nutrition.

But navigating diet advice is so confusing. Should I be eating butter? Is salt bad for me? Do I need to eat less fat to lose weight? Will cutting out meat and cheese help the environment?

Studies show that only 12% of American adults are metabolically healthy. That means a vast majority of the population has an increased risk of serious diseases like obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease.

If you're ready to learn how to use food as medicine and heal yourself for good, then it's time to...

Join the Modern-Primal Kitchen



  • You are tired of band-aid solutions that mask your symptoms and you are ready to use food as medicine to heal yourself naturally.
  • You are ready to say goodbye to digestive distress, blood sugar dysregulation, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, weight management, and fatigue. 
  • You are ready to leave restrictive diets in the past and be able to truly eat intuitively. 
  • You are excited by the processes of preparing food to improve digestibility and enhance nutrients.
  • You're curious about how you can eat animal products ethically and support a healthy environment. 
  • You want to nourish yourself and your family while saving money. 





Learn how to source and prepare food that will nourish your body AND support a healthy environment. We'll teach you how to:

  • Read labels and avoid harmful ingredients 
  • Prioritize nutrient-dense foods and source quality ingredients in your budget
  • Learn to cook with the most nutrient-dense foods, like organ meat
  • Use traditional food preparation techniques to enhance foods' nutritional value and digestibility
  • Optimize the way you eat for metabolic and hormonal health

It’s time to nourish yourself like never before.


Why are we so sick? Learn why the kitchen is a great place to start - not only for human health but also for the planet.


Learn all about how to read ingredient lists and set your kitchen up for success. 


Learn the key elements of a nutrient-dense meal and how to source the highest quality ingredients within your budget.


Swap out toxic cooking tools and set up your kitchen with modern-primal kitchen staples to make daily nutrient-dense cooking easy!


It's not only what you cook, but how you cook it. Learn about antinutrients and how to increase nutrition in your food through fermenting, soaking, and sprouting. 


Now you know what to eat and how to prepare it, now you must learn how to eat. Plus, some useful tools to create a road map for your journey to optimal health.

What's Included


A self-paced library of over 32 engaging lessons - from PowerPoint presentations to kitchen demonstrations to recipe videos. Plus, our full digital recipe book and 7 downloadable cheat sheets and guides. 


  • 12 lessons on nutrition and a nutrient-dense diet
  • 20+ cooking tutorial and recipe demonstration videos
  • Membership to the private community
  • 24/7 access to Olivia with any questions you have!
  • Pantry Purge guide
  • Neutralizing Antinutrients guide
  • Sourcing Protein cheat sheet
  • Kitchen Staples guide
  • Cuts of Meat & Cooking Methods cheat sheet
  • Bonus 1: (R)evolve's digital recipe book with over 50 nutrient-dense recipes
  • Bonus 2: Nutrient-dense grocery list and 5-day meal plan


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Put the techniques you learn into practice with step-by-step recipes and tutorials.

This wouldn't be a great cooking course without....cooking. 

I take you along as I cook 20 of my favorite nutrient-dense staples (including perfect steak, liver meatballs, jiggly bone broth, and creamy ice cream).

You'll also get access to my complete recipe book with 50+ easy but delicious nutrient-dense dishes.

From meal-prep proteins to irresistible veggies to balanced snacks - you'll learn it all! 




I have tried every diet under the sun to heal my digestive issues and problematic skin - vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free (all the 'frees'). 

I thought that living on plants, grains, and legumes was the way to optimal health and the only way to support a healthy environment.  

Restrictive dieting only made my health problems worse and damaged my relationship with food. 

When I finally went back to the basics - sourcing quality animal foods and seasonal produce and learning traditional techniques for preparing food - I felt better and was truly supporting a healthy environment. 

Now I want to teach you how to heal yourself for good and support the environment, all from the comfort of your kitchen.

"This is the most comprehensive course you will find on ancestral cooking and nutrition. The information in this course changed my family's life."

Sam T.

"I love the cooking demos included in the course! Following along with Olivia in the kitchen makes cooking things like liver and bone broth so much more approachable!"

Claire F.



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:








If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Modern-Primal Kitchen course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Before the Modern-Primal Kitchen:  

  • Frequently tired, sick, and unhappy (gut problems, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar dysregulation)
  • Confused by contradictory nutrition information and changing dietary trends
  • Following restrictive diets like low-carb, vegan, or carnivore 
  • Constant cravings or feeling hangry 
  • Intolerant to foods like dairy and grains



After the Modern-Primal Kitchen:

  • A solid foundation of health for abundant energy, healthy digestion, fiery metabolism, and balanced hormones. 
  • A clear understanding of which foods to prioritize and how to read nutrition labels
  • A healthy relationship with food and no need for restriction
  • Satiated and nourished by your meals with little need for snacks and reduced cravings
  • Sourcing quality food and properly preparing it so you can digest your favorite foods