I can eat bread?!? how I learned maybe I don't need to be gluten free

Aug 26, 2021

If you follow us on Instagram,

you’ve probably followed my recent journey with sourdough. About one year late to the pandemic craze.  

There’s nothing I love more than spending too much time in the kitchen.


And there’s nothing I hate more than making it look pretty and taking 1,000 photos of it. Drooling over my ice cream as I take insta worthy videos. All I get is a phone with 0 remaining storage and melted ice cream. But as much as I need a bite of my sourdough bread piping hot, directly out of the oven (you think I let that thing cool, as directed??), I feel compelled to share information that will help you all take back your health. And fun recipes to keep you motivated in the kitchen.  

I have been avoiding grains. While healing my gut and optimizing my health through my diet, grains didn’t really have a place. Hence my pandemic-induced focus on slow-cooking meat.

But then I learned about einkorn. Am I super late to this? If you’re like me, living in a gluten-free world, let me tell you about einkorn.

Einkorn is an ancient grain. With the first domestication of einkorn recorded approximately around 7500 BC, it is the first and oldest wheat known to scientists. It is the only wheat never hybridized - untouched by modern hybridization and industrial agriculture. 

Some people read novels. I read the history of old ass wheat.  

So, what’s the big deal with ancient wheat?

First of all, einkorn has an impressive nutritional profile when compared to other wheat.

But one of the most exciting things about einkorn is that it is suitable for some people with gluten sensitivities. This is because:

  1. Weak gluten makes it easier to digest: improved digestion not only means no tummy troubles after enjoying an einkorn product but also better absorption of nutrients.

  2. Different kind of gluten compared to modern wheat: while einkorn does contain gluten (i.e. not suitable for people with celiacs), its type of gluten does not contain the D genome, which commonly triggers symptoms of intolerance.

Aside from these wins for us gluten intolerant folks, einkorn is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates than modern wheat. Besides its nutritional assets, einkorn is nutty and delicious – leading to some of the best baked goods I’ve had. And enjoying this ancient, pure wheat is a way to support biodiversity. 

 Do I eat it every day?

No. Our ancestral lifestyle will always prioritize animal products since they provide us with the most nutrients. I still limit my intake of gluten and grain products, because I think that it takes a toll on my digestion and is not necessary in my diet for optimal health. But when I bake a mean sourdough or a banana loaf, I want to use the most nutritious, digestible option. I often have organic, fresh einkorn flour on hand from my local farm.

Concluding this ode to einkorn – look out for our favorite ancient grain baking recipes!


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