[R]evolve’s Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 21, 2021

The holidays are stressful enough as it is. Top it off with the burden of shopping for all of your friends and relatives and the joy of the season quickly fades. 

Our first tip: start a gift swap (secret Santa, white elephant, etc.) Get your group together (this works best with adults - most kids will not approve of this plan) and have everyone pick a name out of a hat. No one wants to buy seven different gifts. And ‘quality over quantity' is a saying that I have truly begun to support after the age of 20.

Now, whether or not you were able to significantly decrease the number of gifts you are responsible for this year, we want to help with some high-quality - low-toxin ideas. If anyone in your life is interested in cooking, health, or wellness this list will be perfect for them.

FYI, none of these links will send you to Amazon. Happy Holidays to everyone except Jeff Bezos.



  1. Cast iron pan. A staple that everyone needs in their kitchen.

  2. Dutch oven. Make it extra special by tucking some baking supplies on the inside, like some sourdough starter.

  3. Water filter. Not so sexy gift, but the best presents are ones you use every day, right??

  4. Branch Basics Start Kit. Can’t think of anything sexier than a clean kitchen and supporting a healthy environment.

  5. Instant Pot. If someone who likes cooking real, nutrient-dense food doesn’t have this, first ask them if they are ok and then get them this ASAP.

  6. Fermenting kit. A creative idea to get the at-home cook in your life experimenting in the kitchen.

  7. Matcha kit. Perfect for a match novice or your relative trying to kick a coffee addiction



  1. Gua Sha. Friends help friends avoid wrinkles.

  2. Dry Brush. Lymphatic drainage to make you feel like you’re at the spa when you’re actually just in your parents’ guest bathroom.

  3. Body Cream. Wintertime calls for nourishing lotion.


Health & Wellness

  1. LMNT Electrolytes. Keep your friends and family hydrated for holiday debauchery without the headache.

  2. Blue Blocking Glasses. Because a good night’s sleep is especially critical during the holidays.

  3. Oura Ring. A pricier gift for your favorite biohacking brother or sister.


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